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Montaru Academy

About Us

Montaru Academy is focused on instilling academic excellence and preparing students for acceptance to the university of their choice. Delivering Ontario Secondary School Diploma courses, with an emphasis on S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and P.B.L. (problem-based & project-based learning) pedagogy, we prepare our students for 21st century education. Mindful of the needs of our international students, Montaru Academy also provides accelerated English programs in ESL. Our English program prepares our students to succeed in the OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test) and the confidence to communicate with native English speakers. Our small class sizes enhance learning potential, where every student has a platform to contribute their ideas and receive feedback, thereby deepening and broadening academic concepts. At Montaru, we develop a community of learners where students support each other, upholding our core values of respect, responsibility, and commitment to learning.

Our Director

Both of our directors hold doctorate degrees from Canadian universities and are experienced educators with decades of administrative and managerial experience internationally and locally. Having worked in the public and private sectors, our directors are equipped with the tools, know-how, and ability to prepare students for admission to top-ranked universities. With a passion for education, the directors have designed cutting-edge programs that embed modern learning in all areas of the curriculum. Together, our directors, have built a team of dedicated educators that inspire, promote, and foster a learning environment that allows all students to reach their maximum potential. Montaru Academy prides itself on its ability to motivate student success not only for post-secondary education but also the opportunities that lie beyond the walls of a classroom.

Our Principal

Our principal is a dedicated and experienced educator with a proven track record for academic excellence. As a member of the Ontario College of Teachers, she continues to uphold the ethical standards and standards of practice of her governing body. Consistently setting high expectations for staff and students, our principal delivers results for the high academic achievements necessary for university admissions. Keeping in line with the vision of Montaru Academy, our principal ensures that each and every student has a personalized education plan – the blueprint for success.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers hold degrees in their specialized field of teaching and are committed to student learning. Our teachers deliver creative and inspiring student-centered lessons that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The innovative instructional strategies use cross-curricular knowledge to address challenges through:

  • Problem-Based Learning (P.B.L) – using short-term, real-world issues as contexts to develop problem-solving skills

  • S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education – we add Art to the standard 4-discipline classification, to offer a more-complete, well-rounded curriculum

  • Project-Based Learning - using long-term, authentic issues as contexts to develop research skills

In addition to classroom learning, our teachers are dedicated to extracurricular activities that strengthen students’ talents and promote strong community connections for leadership opportunities. Our teachers provide the optimal learning environment that reinforces both interpersonal and transferable skills – the foundation necessary for higher education.

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